fly fishing

  1. For Sale: Handmade Fly Boxes

    Made from Walnut, with a resin border inlay and brass hardware. Choose from either a black or white closed cell foam liner. Finished in a water resistant satin lacquer. 125mm x 90mm x 32mm. Limited quantity available. £50 (inc. postage)
  2. Fly fishing, complete novice looking for advice.

    Hi all, I am sure some of you on here fish, I am looking for some tips on how best to get started. Living in the Highlands with quite a few remote lochs where no one ever fishes so I thought I might give it a go. Only ever caught fish out of a small lake a handfull of times on the other side...
  3. Fishing The Usk For A Tenner

    If you read the magazines, fishing trips come in two flavours: lottery win heli-fishing in New Zealand, or fishing the stocked reservoirs in Kent [that pay to advertise]. Both were unaffordable, so Dicky and myself headed west for a fishing adventure of our own. The Brecon Beacons feed water...