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  1. Sold: Harkila Forester 17 Inch Zip 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons - Dark Olive Size 10 EUR 44

    Harkila Forester 17 Inch Zip 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons - Dark Olive, UK Size 10, EUR 44, as new, worn on just a handful of walks only to find slightly too small. £100 posted. Harkila Forester 17 Inch ZIP 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons, Neoprene insulated rubber boot with breathable liner and very...
  2. Hello to all Hi,as a new member

    Hi, I'm Paul, I live in South Staffordshire, I work as a Tree Surgeon and have been Deer Stalking for around 20 years and absolutely adore it - had some great fun and really exciting challenges over those years. I still stalk, although the land over which I shoot is shrinking fast as the land...
  3. Foresters stick (variant)

    Finished my sticks today... Went down the Forester stick route; made a few (a lot of) mistakes - but have learned for the next set! 10ft Hardwood dowel (Ash) (£10.25); Old Brass sleeved bolt from a bed (free - pennies); fake (polyester) sheepskin/fleece (free - pennies, "borrowed"...
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