Leica Amplus 6
  1. Petrol powered portable rope winch

    I've done the 'Introduction' post. Wanted to put something in here with a useful title, and hopefully strike up a conversation about out products. Our petrol capstan winches have dozens of different uses, lots of people felling timber in remote locations, companies pulling trolleys out of...
  2. Available: SD Offer: 11Jan14 First Aid Course, Nr Lincoln, Ticket to satisfy FC

    Something that has been drawing my attention a lot recently, is the FC wrapping everything in red tape. First Aid courses can be expensive, and sometimes, people are daunted by being qualified as they feel that they are somehow legally bound to help as soon as they are qualified. Not to worry...
  3. Forestry Commission Tendering - South East England?

    Sorry if I am repeating a post? Have been looking at some of the available plots of land on offer has anyone, have any experience with the FC in the South East of England? Is the available land generally any good? I know the guys in Scotland don't seem to be singing the praises of their...
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