1. Sold: Pulsar IPS14 Battery Pack S/H

    As above, this is the larger battery pack lasting 16 to 20 hours, it is 12,800 Mah. For Pulsar Trails, Helions, Krypton, Accolades, Digisight ultra and forward units. £55.50 posted (RRP is around £95 plus post.)
  2. Pulsar Forward DFA75 - Important Press Release

    Hello Pulsar and Thomas Jacks have released this important public press release with reference to the Pulsar Forward DFA75. Read the Pulsar Forward DFA75 Press Release here. Thank you Paul
  3. Pulsar Forward DFA75 reviewed on The Shooting Show TV

    Hello all. The Pulsar Forward DFA75 has been reviewed by The Shooting Show in this weeks episode. I know a lot of the forum members had questions on the operation etc of this device so hopefully this will help. (Warning hunting scenes in video) More stocks expected later this month...