fox control

  1. Whats the best Foxpro caller

    Hi all, What's the best fox caller? And which calls would you download onto it/use the most? I know certain calls suit better depending time of year etc... If anyone in the Aberdeenshire/alford area fancy foxing some night pm me. Thanks in advance Everyone
  2. Hand held rechargeable lamp

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice/recommendations for a hand held lamp or a decent scope mounted torch that can range out to 200/250meters if not more. Something that I can recharge and carry about when on foot as some area's of ground I can't get into with the truck. It's for foxing mainly but it...
  3. Introduction.

    Hi all, I’m joining this site as I’ve just got a new rifle set up and need some advice on it. Regarding ammo and optics. I’m an experienced rifle shot including wild and park deer as well as vermin control. The rifle in question is a sako 85 xs 223 1-12 twist/ with a stallon sound mod. I’m...
  4. Sold: Smart Rest Quad - Rest Mark 1 - Awesome piece of kit for foxing or rabbiting from a Quad

    Smart Rest Quad - Rest Mark 1 This video tells it all. I have had this on my quad for four years, and it works like a dream. For sale because I have a detached retina in my shooting eye which forces retirement from amateur keeping / pest control Complete as purchased new, except there...
  5. Ratting and foxing

    Hi lads and lasses, I’m into my ratting with a daystate air rifle and a Yukon sightline n 470 NV , I’ve got a 223 savage which I’m about to change for my custom built 223rifle when they can sort my variation, I’ve got an atn 4kpro to put on that . And a pulsar key thermal imager for rats and foxing
  6. Moderator recommendations for Tikka T3X

    Hi All. Any recommendations for a moderator for a Tikka T3X Varmint in .223? It's a 1/18 thread. Foxing rifle. Thanks.