1. For Sale: Tikka T3 .223 Blued Synthetic 1-8

    Tikka T3 Cal - .223 Twist - 1-8 Round Count - 150 from new - One owner Magazine - 1 Rail - Contessa Rings - TBC Moderator - ATEC Maxim <6.5 cal Condition - Excellent Care - Cleaned Religiously Since Birth £625 ono Riton Conquer X7 HD/ED (Special Edition - Japan) Mag - 3-18 Zero Stop OBJ...
  2. Wanted: Foxpro Caller

    digital fox called wanted
  3. For Sale: Fox Bullets - various - Copper

    Fox Classic hollow point copper bullets Boxes contain 50 bullets. 2 boxes of 5.56mm (.224) 55gr. - £33 per box. All prices are well below RRP and my last lot in stock. So grab a bargain. £4.50 postage
  4. For Sale: FOX Ammunition For Sale with possible delivery service available Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & South Yorkshire

    Fox and other ammunition for sale Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & South Yorkshire possible delivery service available please msg with your calibre and requirements. Kind regards
  5. For Sale: PARD 008P

    We have a stock of PARD 008P’s (Previous generation to the current model) Non LRF Complete with warranty. Excellent, widely used and affordable NV devices. Clearance offer £549 delivered. 007V 16mm’s in stock at discounted price too!!
  6. Sold: Fox 150gr .30 cal

    Does anyone know where I can track down some 150gr Fox bullets for reloading in my 308? TIA
  7. .243 or .308 or maybe something else?

    I know this can be a very contentious subject and there isn't a right or wrong answer, but it's something that's been playing on my mind as I fill out the FAC... Which calibre should I be asking for. I'm very new to stalking, just doing the DSC 1, have been on a couple of guided stalks and been...
  8. Acquiring experience shooting foxes and rabbits.

    Hello all. Not sure if this is the correct section of the site but this appears the best fit, apologies if incorrect. Background information. (Based in Somerest). So I am currently applying for my FAC. My family are sheep farmers and they have about 25-40 rabbits in one of their fields and...
  9. For Sale: Fox bullets for loading (Copper)

    FOX bullets at extremely competitive prices. Copper-Zinc Alloy monolithic Hunting bullets with plastic tipped hp. Lead-free with field-proven expansion. BOXES OF 50 - CLASSIC HUNTER 5.6MM (224) 55GR £36.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE -CLASSIC HUNTER 30 (308) 150GR £47.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE...
  10. Fox Lead Free 130gr

    Anyone loading Fox Lead free 130gr bullets in .308? The load data on the Fox website (45gr of N135) seems pretty hot!
  11. Disposal of fox carcasses

    Just a bit of a general one here but what do you do to dispose of carcasses after a nights foxing? I know some people just chuck them in a bush, some leave them for the farmer to dispose of and I know of others that have dug a pit in a secluded corner of the farm. What do you do?
  12. Sold: Pulsar Quantum XQ30v Lite Thermal £600

    As above SOR working perfectly Comes with box, carrier and original bits. Price is £600 including insured 24Hr postage to your door. Was 750
  13. Foxing calibre

    Hi guys, This has probably been asked plenty of times but curiosity and the fact I need to make 30 posts before putting a wanted advert out for some stalking I thought I’d shoot my shot. Now I have a .243, cheep and cheerful Ruger M77 mk2 paired with a Leupold VX-3 with a moderator I paid...
  14. How to fur prep UK

    I recently had a fantastic fox 🦊 with a beautiful winter coat. Initially I thought taxidermy and then the Wife mentioned why can’t we make it something to preserve its beauty rather than just get rid (rug, scarf, hat etc). I called a few taxidermy up and down the country there was one in the...
  15. December foxing!

    Just back in I went to check something outside and I took a wee head torch with me to see what I was doing I decided to just take a wee quick glance around the fields see if there was anything about low and behold at 100 yards away that reflection of eyes that get the heart racing! A fox! I had...
  16. For Sale: Fox non-toxic sample packs of 5

    Each sample pack contains 5 bullets for £4.25. Various available, please request a bullet calibre and I will see if I have it. .224, 6.5, 7mm, 30cal (308), .277, 6mm. Postage: Signed and tracked service £4.52 (You will be sent tracking details) Regular 2nd class large letter royal mail (non...
  17. For Sale: Nordik Predator Fox calls

    Three pack Everything the Fox hunter needs! • Crying Bird, Fox Heat, Mini Predator • Specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators • Simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof. • Produces a wide variety of sounds £52.50
  18. Hi, New to this forum

    Hi Guys new to the forum. Ive been hunting since knee high to a grass hopper, love deer hunting among other hunting, im a avid Call user and Builder. Im going to make a coffee and get stuck into some threads and hunting story's you guys have put on here. Look forward to discussing hunts...
  19. Chris Adamson

    Hi i am 29 years of age from Durham, i have been shooting since i was a boy. I mainly stalk but do try and get out on the pigeons. I lamp rabbits and fox and do get the occasional invited to driven bird days down Yorkshire
  20. For Sale: Rossi .410/.45 Circuit Judge Stainless Revolver rifle £900.00

    As above Private Sale Section 1 firearms - SLOT would be .45/.410 revolver rifle or rifle or revolver carbine but ask your local force. Rifled barrel 5 chambers in the cylinder. chambers can take either 410 colt/long colt or upto 3'' 410 cartridges. Stainless edition with wood stock...