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  1. How to fur prep UK

    I recently had a fantastic fox 🦊 with a beautiful winter coat. Initially I thought taxidermy and then the Wife mentioned why can’t we make it something to preserve its beauty rather than just get rid (rug, scarf, hat etc). I called a few taxidermy up and down the country there was one in the...
  2. December foxing!

    Just back in I went to check something outside and I took a wee head torch with me to see what I was doing I decided to just take a wee quick glance around the fields see if there was anything about low and behold at 100 yards away that reflection of eyes that get the heart racing! A fox! I had...
  3. For Sale: Fox non-toxic sample packs of 5

    Each sample pack contains 5 bullets for £4.25. Various available, please request a bullet calibre and I will see if I have it. .224, 6.5, 7mm, 30cal (308), .277, 6mm. Postage: Signed and tracked service £4.52 (You will be sent tracking details) Regular 2nd class large letter royal mail (non...
  4. For Sale: Nordik Predator Fox calls

    Three pack Everything the Fox hunter needs! • Crying Bird, Fox Heat, Mini Predator • Specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators • Simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof. • Produces a wide variety of sounds £52.50
  5. Hi, New to this forum

    Hi Guys new to the forum. Ive been hunting since knee high to a grass hopper, love deer hunting among other hunting, im a avid Call user and Builder. Im going to make a coffee and get stuck into some threads and hunting story's you guys have put on here. Look forward to discussing hunts...
  6. Chris Adamson

    Hi i am 29 years of age from Durham, i have been shooting since i was a boy. I mainly stalk but do try and get out on the pigeons. I lamp rabbits and fox and do get the occasional invited to driven bird days down Yorkshire
  7. For Sale: Rossi .410/.45 Circuit Judge Stainless Revolver rifle £900.00

    As above Private Sale Section 1 firearms - SLOT would be .45/.410 revolver rifle or rifle or revolver carbine but ask your local force. Rifled barrel 5 chambers in the cylinder. chambers can take either 410 colt/long colt or upto 3'' 410 cartridges. Stainless edition with wood stock...
  8. Sold: Browning A Bolt .22-250

    Browning A Bolt .22-250 with pes .22 caliber mod , it likes hornady 50gr v max with viht n140 , lovely wooden stock and set trigger any other questions please ask. £150
  9. Sold: Pulsar trail xp50 Rifle scope

    As above Private personal sale 18 months warranty and will have original receipt etc. Selling as moving to a newer unit Paperwork proof of recent testing and service to assure buyers of working condition. £3, 150.00 no offers. Includes insured postage.
  10. Poll: Do you need a supplier of Fox non-toxic ammo in Sussex?

    Hi all, Please can you comment on this post and let me know if you are in Sussex and are looking for a supplier of Fox ammunition (non-toxic)? And if so, what calibre and weight? I currently supply the bullets however I don't have the ammunition in stock. There would need to be considerable...
  11. Fox skins and the law!

    Not deer related but can anybody help me out with where I would stand legally selling fox skins? I had a browse online but all I Could find was the outlawing of fur farming, nothing regarding the sale of fox furs from vermin control etc. Seems a shame to keep wasting them! Thanks in advance
  12. Wanted: Easter shooting or stalking?

    Hello everyone! If you are going shooting or stalking during the Easter break and you need some assistance or just want some companion during it- I am your man! Don't have a rifle, but I am very keen to spend some time outdoors, as I mn in London on daily basis. Thanks in advance!
  13. Wanted: vermon control in staffordshire

    Hi everyone, just found out that the land I and others shoot over in Scotland has been leased to a higher bidder and we are loosing it in two mouths, is there anyone able to help. would be most grateful to any ideas. Experienced shot, mature (young 50yr) with all relevant certificates...
  14. Wanted: Rabbit, fox, pigeon in Bulford/Tidworth/Amesbury region

    Hello Id be interested in any opportunities for rabbit and fox control, especially on game shoots where members do not have the time/resources. Also pigeon opportunities. Im in the Tidworth area, but am able and willing to travel. Rifle and shotgun. Thanks
  15. Deer behaviour questions (red and roe)

    So, here are a couple of questions about deer behaviour, stemming from two things that puzzled me over the last season... plus my guesses (never know, I might have hit the mark). Would be very interested to hear what people think. 1. Roe - why do they sometimes bark when they spot you and...
  16. Fox came calling, in broad daylight

    I live on a very green housing estate that was laid down in 1900. There is plenty of cover for foxes and I know that about 100 yards away (at the back of the Post Office) is a den. So no surprise to see a fox, after dark that is. Yesterday, I went to the kitchen about 8:30pm - when it was...
  17. early morning buck and vixen combo!

    early morning buck and vixen combo!so tuesday morning started 15 mins before dawn as some strong coffee and ciggies fueled me and a friend as we were off salmon ghillieing for the day, on the way to the river we spotted a covey of grouse explode from the hill face around 300 yards away, thos...
  18. Wanted: Australian hunting opportunities

    ​Hi there, Im currently spending a few months in Australia (NSW) and was wondering what the laws were on a Foreigner hunting in Australia. I am English and would I have to purchase or apply for any form of Licence or would I be able to hunt without a licence if I were with someone who had a...
  19. Fox Shooting Tips

    Hi guys... Im new to this forum and im looking for tips on fox shooting during the day in a woodland area. Im a keen deer stalker and ive noticed that a few deer gralloch's ive buried have been dug up by foxes. One of the foxes was unfortunate enough to walk out in front of me when i was up...
  20. Settled in Suffolk

    Hello All, I've recently settled permanently in Suffolk, near Framlingham, after a couple of decades traipsing around in the Army. Been involved in fieldsports all my life so am farm and fieldcraft aware but quite new to stalking as a discipline. Thought I may as well learn more about it...
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