foxing setup

  1. 100 x 22 250 PPU Brass Once Used Available

    100 x 22 250 PPU Brass Once Used- What’s the going rate per 100?
  2. For Sale: NV set up archer and vortex

    Grade C Starlight Archer. Tube very clear. No spots. Bayonet and shims. Firefly. Vortex Viper 6.5x20-50 very good condition also. No mounts for sale. Moving to thermal so selling. Set up has many years of work left it in. Killed hundreds of foxes. Reluctant sale. £1600. Will not split sale.
  3. Pulsar Quantum XQ38 update

    Anyone know if I can update software on my thermal? It’s quite old and unsure if it’s possible on the Pulsar quantum xq38. It has a wi-fi icon but doesn’t seem to connect to my phone/stream vision app. Just counts down from 30secs when I click on icon and then says Error. Thanks.
  4. Sold: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter 22-250 with Mod and Scope

    Steyr Mannlicher pro hunter 22-250 with Sonic 45 mod and Vortex 4-16x44 HS scope (in perfect condition) all in Steyr hard case. In very very good condition seen little use 200 rounds max , As you can see from the bolt no wear at all. Nice set trigger so real light pull in the forward position...
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