Territory Hunting
  1. Driven Wild Boar France a1decoy.jpg

    Driven Wild Boar France a1decoy.jpg

    Driven Wild Boar trip to France Sept and Feb easy drive 3hours from Calais
  2. Wanted: Wild boar France (Stalking)

    Hi all, I am looking to book some wild boar stalking in SW France in September / October this year. Does anyone have any personal experience or recommendations for guides or outfitters? Some of the prices I am coming up with are eye-watering, and very much aimed at the luxury end of the market...
  3. Available: Driven Wild Boar 1st March 2018 1 day for 10 guns inc 2 kielers each £1075

    One Day Driven Wild Boar in France 2:45 hrs from Calais . including 2 Kielers each . travel on the 28th Feb back 1 or 2nd of March . £1075 details on the Link 1 Day Driven Wild Boar France February 2018 4 spaces left 2 spaces left...
  4. Looking for hunting shops in Nice France

    Hi Folk, I'm new to the forum ... I am looking for some recommendations for hunting (mainly clothing) stores in and around Nice - Alpes Maritime area. I am due a short visit there in Oct and would like not to miss an opportunity to visit a shop or two. Mainly looking for clothing and knifes...
  5. France

    I have heard that France have now dropped their ban on military calibers. Does anyone know if this is true?
  6. from Belgium

    Hi guys, I've only been hunting for 2 year now. I like the UK for the fallow stalking, it's the best in the EU. I spend far too much time and money on it, but hey, you only live once. Joined the stalking directory mostly for the reloading. My Steyr Mannlicher doesn't live up to its reputation...
Territory Hunting