1. Hello all

    Hi there, I've noticed a few threads on google regarding our new product Hortonium. A patent pending lead free alternative to lead. So I've registered to allow me to reply to those threads and keep you guys informed. We are now nearing completion of our first deal which will see Hortonium...
  2. Free home made dog run

    Ey up, I've got a Heath Robinson lol home made dog run( made out of an old stairwell cage), the kennel box is not included, r mack doesn't need locking up any more( he hasn't for the last 2 years, it was only used to get him used to all scenarios) so the boss says it goes lol,( he's got a full...
  3. Free dog crate

    FREE dog crate , will suit a lab sized dog like new and FREE, pick up up only from Altrincham in Cheshire, PM me for details kjf
  4. Free browning waistcoat

    I am giving away this browning jacket to a good home. I inherited it many moons ago. It is size medium. way too small for me. It is in reasonable condition. Collection only. Admin please feel free to move this if it is in the wrong place steve
  5. Wanted: young lad willing to work anywhere in perthshire for FREE to gain experience

    hello all, i am looking for somewhere to help out on a shooting estate or deer forest, i have over 10 years shooting experience, and 4+ years experience as an underkeeper/stalker. i am struggling to find work, but willing to keep my hand in by helping out! anywhere in Perthshire, or UK wide if...