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  1. Fox skins and the law!

    Not deer related but can anybody help me out with where I would stand legally selling fox skins? I had a browse online but all I Could find was the outlawing of fur farming, nothing regarding the sale of fox furs from vermin control etc. Seems a shame to keep wasting them! Thanks in advance
  2. Newbie

    Hi all I have just joined, not much of a deer stalker at the moment. although i will be considering my DSC level 1 soon at the moment i shoot game, with 12G as well as .22LR (very soon) i am also a Falconer and proud owner of a majestic Female Harris Hawk Looking forward to hearing from you...
  3. Tanning/Taxidermy/Fur

    Hi there, I'm a Fashion design student going into my third year at Uni. For my final collection I would love to use UK based fur. For my dissertation I am writing about fur as a bi-product, and the benefits of using fur in modern fashion. I have already contacted pest control in the UK and...
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