1. For Sale: Krylon paint cans, NEW

    New and unused. Kyron Ultra-Flat: Sand. (Stocks, barrels, equipment) plastics, woods, metals. Kylon Fusion All-in-One: Satin Black. (Personally think this would be nice on old actions/barrels, shotguns etc.) Pair delivered with parcelforce for £28.00 posted. (worth alot more.)
  2. Sold: £2000 thermal LRF 684 x 512

    HIK GRYPHON GQ50L PRO full 3 year warranty with UK based company HIK. Only weeks old. Boxed with paperwork and original receipt. 640 x 512 and 12 um. 2600m detection. 2.9 to 23 x magnification. Rangefinder. Thermal, optical camera (1920 x 1080p) that can be paired with an IR for NV or...
  3. Federal Fusion - not expanding?

    Hi all, My brother and I have been up in Perthshire over the last week on the hinds. He had his 6.5x55 Sako 85 and I was using my 0.308 Sako 75. We were both using Federal Fusion (140gn in the 6.5 and 150gn in the 308). which both of our rifles love in terms of accuracy and I have used for...
  4. Bushnell binos and rangefinder binos

    Hello - anyone got experience with Bushnell optics - especially the Elite 8 x 42s or the rangefinding current models? Any info appreciated, many thanks.