german wirehaired pointer

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  1. GWP re-homing

    Hi all I have a 4 year old GWP that I want re homed. He’s an excellent tracking dog on both live and cold scent. Workington most efficiently on blood. Have also used him on boar and is the same as deer. The he problem is is that he needs to be in a one dog home with no children. A home with a...
  2. Sold: GWP (Dixie)

    Anybody interested in my GWP (Dixie) She is a good wee worker. She points and retrieves game but mainly works with me on deer. Vices... If I go shooting she goes daft when I leave her at home alone. I am planning to move home into a town soon so I just want to give her a good chance of finding...
  3. GWP Vs GSP ....?

    Hi Guys, Just looking for some thoughts. Beyond the coats, what are the actual (temperament, working aptitude, train-ability etc) differences between German Shothaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers? The context of this question is that my wife has approved either breed for our...
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