1. Sold: Docter ZF 6 x 42 scope German

    As above Private sale Made in Germany 26mm tube Marks to tube but none effect use £120 posted
  2. Hanoverian Scenthound

    Hi, my name is Andre´Schädlich and I come from Germany (Thuringia). I´ve been a hunter and dog handlers sweat for 16 years. In Thuringia I take care of a hunting area of 2,000-acre with wild boar, red deer, roe deer and mouflon. I´m a registered (§11) breeder for Hanoverian Scenthounds since 2005.
  3. Hi from Germany!

    Hi all! I would like to wish you all a happy new year and take the opportunity to introduce myself. I signed up to this forum because I come to Scotland with my familiy (Glasgow) on a regular basis and love the idea of stalking. I live in Germany myself where I also hunt. Unfortunately hunting...
  4. Intro New Forum Member

    Hello, this is just a quick introduction. I am a German-born London-based hunter/shooter. I have been based in the UK for 13 years now, running a design studio. In Germany, I grew up a forester's son and have been hunting/shooting properly with friends and family (mostly with a forestry...