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    Glasgow Angling and Field Soorts employee starts an Anti Hunting Petition?

    This story broke over Facebook Groups and involves a fisherman who works for the Glasgow Angling Centre, a major supplier into the whole Fieldsports industry, including Game Fishing. He has been having an ill advised debate on Facebook and thinks all stalkers are evil. Lots of emails and...
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    Wanted: Looking for Syndicate Aberdeenshire, have DSCL1

    Hi there, I'm looking for some ground or a Syndicate in Aberdeenshire (or near within 50miles or so of Glasgow). I have DSCL1 and BASC membership, have previously rented forestry commission land near Bearsden where I'm origionaly from. Please give me a call if you have anything in either area...
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    Wanted: Place on a Stalking Syndicate near Glasgow

    All, Some help needed please! Newly qualified DSC1 with FAC looking for a place on a stalking syndicate near Glasgow where I can bed-in my new knowledge and learn more about the craft without breaking the bank before going for my DSC2. I'm a 34 year old professional working in Glasgow. I'm...
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    Anyone near Glasgow ...?

    Hi everyone, this site has been recommended to me by a friend. I'm new to stalking (have completed a couple of accompanied stalks recently) but am not new to rifles (7 years in the army) or fields ports (a lifetime of pigeon shooting, rabbiting of all kinds and fly-fishing). I'm just starting...