goat stalking

  1. Feral Goats guided stalk

    I’m wondering if there is anyone one here who could give me some more information on Goat stalking here in Scotland and if possible recommend anyone who does guided stalks. I’ve seen a post or two from a while back but would like some up to date info cheers Aaron.
  2. Wanted: Wild/feral goats Northumberland

    Who can i contact about stalking goats in Northumberland? Thanks
  3. Available: Goats.

    Hi All, I have a few goats still to take off of the cull variety. We are doing a deal for two rifles to go out with Griff for the day. £350 (£175 Each rifle ) with no shot fees on the nannies and kids. Cull billies are £100 and trophy billies are £250 each. Reasonable fitness required and...