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    Sold: Beretta Kodiak Optifade Goretex Trousers Size Large.

    Beretta Kodak, Optifade Camo Trousers in Size Large. These have been used, but not often, in very good condition. Heavy microfiber pants, warm and perfect for hunting on the move; waterproof with GORE-TEX® liner and breathable with CoolMax® mesh lining. Forest The shell fabric, made of heavy...
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    Sold: Harkila Stealth Optifade GoreTex Jacket & Trousers- Size 52 (42-44 & 36")

    Harkila Stealth Optifade GoreTex Short Jacket & Trousers- Size 52 (42-44 & 36") Jacket has been worn once, the Trousers are still in the wrapper, mint condition and this really is a bargain. I’m looking to gather some cash to fund a new rifle, with too much kit, these will never be worn. The...
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    Is the Flecktarn Goretex milsurp kit noisy to wear?

    I have been looking at the very inexpensive Flecktarn Goretex kit on ebay and wondered if anyone is using it for wet weather stalking. I already own a lightweight DPM goretex jacket but recon it would be very noisy when walking in denser vegetation or simply when your arms rub against your sides...
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    Sold: Beretta DWS Gortex Optifade Jacket (XXL) and Trousers (XL)

    The two following items are for sale - both in excellent condition with no rips or tears. Have seen light use. Dry, warm and silent for long winter evenings or nights in tree stands or hides. Equally comfortable and quiet when walking/stalking. I have reduced weight and now surplus to...