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    Atemos 100 and k5 collar

    I’m currently looking at getting a Garmin K5 dog collar but can’t afford to buy the collar and the Atemos 100 together. Does anyone know if you can use the collar without the handheld device. I.e turn the collar on and make a track then upload this track to a PC without using the handheld device...
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    Which GPS dog collar?

    Which GPS tracking collars are people using? Garmin or sport dog? Any for sale?
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    New dogtra pathfinder gps for dogs

    Hi, I have had a lot of inquiries about this new product by Dogtra. It is a state of the art GPS tracking collar combined with an E-Collar. As usual Dogtra will have looked at the competition and exceeded it from an engineering and features perspective. Before they even go on my main website...
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    Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Collars

    Hi, I have just had a heads up that Dogtra are releasing a new model incorporating GPS on the 3rd of January. I have emailed Dogtra Europe to see when it will be configured for European use but knowing Dogtra they will have taken what people like about other GPS tracking units and improved...
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    Garmin Astro – Uk legal???

    I’ve seen other posts about these units but all I want to know is are they legal to use in the UK? If not does anyone have any recommendations for other dog tracking GPS? I need it to be able to work both in thick forest and out on the hills. Just one of those things that might make life...