1. Sold: S/H LEICA GEOVID 10X42 HD-B (GREEN) £1495.00

    S/H LEICA GEOVID 10X42 HD-B (GREEN) £1495.00
  2. Sold: 243 diffuser Wildcat Evolution Mod

    Private Sale As above 243 diffuser I.e. baffle for a Wildcat Evolution moderator by UK CUSTOM shop Used but still functional Cerakote to the top end £37.50 posted
  3. Stop the IBC going green

    Hi I have two IBC tanks mounted on towers feeding water through bell feeders in the release pens. They are painted black to minimise growth of algae and the chance of the water turning green. The systems have been drained for the off season, but I suspect that the tanks will go green just...