grs stock

  1. For Sale: GRS Sporter Brown Laminated Stock | Howa 1500 Short Action

    Brand new. Last one to clear. £445 inc P&P.
  2. GRS Lead Times

    I'm keen on ordering a GRS Hunter Light for my CZ455, however I've been quoted 20 weeks from a couple of places. I assume this is down to GRS themselves and fully accept the principals behind it... that said, it doesn't get my build finished soon enough(!!!) Thought it worth asking if anyone...
  3. For Sale: GRS Sporter

    All the adjustability and ergonomics you need to make your rifle fit you 100%. Get in the crosshairs faster! Thi stock is favorite with hunters and competition shooters alike. Truly an all-rounder, and our all-time best-selling laminate model. Equipped with our famous SpeedLock adjustment...
  4. Looking for Blaser items to build a rifle

    Hi chaps I’m looking for a complete bolt housing if possible with a medium bolt head Or could anyone tell me a price brand new please struggling to find online. Also a grs stock for a R8 Also if possible 6.5 creedmore barrel cheers any help would be Greatly appreciated
  5. My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock.

    My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock. I’m 6ft 2” and so most “long-arms” don’t fit off the peg as it were. I have Tikka T3 in 308 with S&B 8X56 and an over barrel Wildcat Mod which actually means it’s short in the stock even with the factory spacers and very front heavy! I know about...