1. Intro

    Hi I own a sabatti 308 cz .17hmr and a browning 325 interested in reading forums with fellow shooters
  2. Brett

    Greetings everyone my name is brett I'm from Zimbabwe and I make hand made knifes mostly knifes for bush, hunting and a few others.. I make to order aswell...
  3. s**t..... misplaced certificates...

    as above... i was getting low on s/g ammo so went to get my tickets and take a trip to the gun shop, but i cant find them anywhere... both shot gun and firearm.... last time i remember having them was two months ago.... i know i have to notify police but i have heard there is a risk of loosing...
  4. Keeping Guns & Having Children

    Morning Chaps, This is probably a question for the older guys here, but any opinions and thoughts will be welcome. Some of you will have been aware of my progress towards a deerstalking career and yesterday's success at DSC1 is a significant chunk about which I'm very happy. The one small "fly...
  5. sportsman gun center

    does anyone know and contact deatails adress for a senior member of management at the sportsman gun center at exeter. many thanks
  6. Gun and stalking insurance?

    Thought this would be the best place to ask, I need to get all my guns insured both rifle and shotguns, can anyone recommend a good broker, also need to get stalking insurance, I have country side alliance at the moment but don't think they cover too much! ​ Many thanks!