1. For Sale: S/H SWAROVSKI HABICHT 3-12x50 4A £595.00

    S/H SWAROVSKI HABICHT 3-12x50 4A £595.00 01862892171 Sales@rmacleod.co.uk
  2. For Sale: S/H SWAROVSKI HABICHT 6-18x50 PLEX AT £795.00

    S/H SWAROVSKI HABICHT 6-18x50 PLEX AT £795.00 IN GOOD CONDITION 01862892171 Sales@rmacleod.co.uk
  3. Sold: Swarovski Habicht PVI-2 1,25-4x24 SR Illuminated Rifle Scope

    Hi, I'm selling my Swarovski PVI-2 1,25-4x24 rifle scope, which has the Swarovski Rail mount. I bought this from MacLeod's 2 years ago for £950 and it's only been used on 1 boar hunting trip. It is in excellent condition, virtually as new. It has the illuminated CD reticule and comes boxed...