1. For Sale: Harris Model LM Bipod 9-13 Inches (Notched Legs - Solid Base)

    Hi, this is another Harris bipod that is surplus to requirement. LM model with notched legs and fixed base, very good condition only used on the range. £80 new from Uttings. £50 delivered.
  2. Sold: Harris Model S-BR Bipod 6-9 Inches (Swivel Base)

    Hi, I'm having a clear out and I have a couple of bipods that I no longer use or need. Little use, and in very good order, this is the shortest Harris bipod, the S-BR with swivel base. £120 new from Uttings. £80 delivered.
  3. Available: Harris DSC1 with The North Harris Trust and Stalking School

    DSC1 Two Day Course & Assessment Tarbert, Harris Friday 26th - Saturday 27th October 2012 c/o The North Harris Trust Frequently it makes more sense for us to go to the clients - particularly for the Western Isles! Through The North Harris Trust - http://www.north-harris.org/ we are...