hatsan escort value

  1. Sold: Hatsan 12b Pump Action Black Synthetic Sgc

    Hello all, I want to get rid of my Hatsan pump as I do not shoot it. The gun is in good condition, no problems; 12b 2+1 28'' barrel 3'' chamber Comes with 6 chokes, cylinder, 1/4,1/2 x2, 3/4, full. Stock spacers and shims. Also has a Velcro side saddle but that can be taken off. Nice...
  2. How much is a FAC Hatsan Escort pump action worth?

    Hi all, I am considering trading in my FAC Hatsan Escort pump (maybe eventually replacing it with a Mossberg) but I'm not really sure what I should be aiming to get for it. It is the pistol grip, ghost ring target sight model (MP I think?) in almost new condition, and I cant see many if any...