hello folks

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    Hi people, I have been a reader for a couple of years and thought i should be a registered member. My fav rifles are remington 700, tikka 595 and 695. :-P Bravo echo niner
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    New Member

    Hi, I have just joined this forum and have been requested to introduce myself.. Started with my first firearm - a lovely Anschutz .22 Hornet - in 1987 and immediately got into home loading for it due to costs and the desire to shoot something with a little more power AND accuracy potential...
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    Just say hello to your guys!

    Good morning, you guys. Nice to be one member here. Hope to learn from your hunting experience and share stories. Tks.:D
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    hi lads

    hi lads born in wiltshire near deivzes left when i was about ten moved to stockport been fishing or shooting most of my life . air riffle 22 cz22 cz hmr .17 22.250 and my trusty twelve bour. trev