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  1. Proper Inro

    Hi, here's my intro :) I am relatively new to stalking but I have hunted small game (rabbit, fox etc) from a teenager. I have taken my DSC1 and waiting on the result. I've used a number of different calibres (12G, 9mm, .22) and want to get my own .308 for stalking Based in Tyrone
  2. New syndicate visit help

    Hi all I am after a bit of advice please. I am off to visit a possible new syndicate north of the boarder (my first deer syndicate) soon and would like to ask you all from your experiences what should I be looking for with regard to contracts land permissions etc? Or any other advice you are...
  3. Looking forward to following along and catching up with fellow guns

    Hi folks, My name is Guy. I’ve grown up with a love of shooting and the British countryside, passed down from my father. Many of my fondest memories come from stalking pigeon and rats in our barns as a lad with my trusty bsa. From my first clay lessons at Apsley through many amazing days on...
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