1. Long time lurker, first time poster

    Good morning all, I hope this finds you well I’m Guy from Herefordshire, mid 30’s and a chef by profession. Cooking deer is my jam. I’ve been lurking the boards here at SD for some time now reading and learning as much as possible from you guys so I thought it was about time to say hello...
  2. Happy New Year!

    Hi all, by way of introduction, have been shooting for 20+ years, but have never got round to stalking (work, family, usual excuses). So am a complete novice. To that end, am looking for paid stalking opportunities in the Herefordshire area, to learn as much as poss prior to DSC1 later in the...
  3. Available: Syndicate Members

    Two guns available in driven pheasant, duck syndicate in Herefordshire Plenty of snipe, wild duck, geese and woodcock. 9 days shooting all Saturdays. 3000 pheasants, 300 duck. £2200 + £40 each shoot day towards beaters and pickers up Average bag 100+ birds
  4. Available: Stalking in Herefordshire

    Plenty of nice muntjac bucks about and good roe bucks available. £60 per outing. If two stalks done, one in morning and one in evening, then pigeon shooting free during the day after breakfast (provided) or get your head down before evening stalk, large summerhouse with bed provided! If...