1. Introduction

    Hertfordshire deer management and selling all carcass semi or full butchered using 243 270 or 30-06 depending on location weather and what sort of mood I’m in.
  2. Available: Two guns available for end of season cull south East/East Anglia

    Two guns available to support end of season cull. Both experienced with FAC and fully insured. 16th PM 21st All day 26th PM 28th PM 31st All day Let me know as other days may be available... Location: London (surrounding counties Berkshire, Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey) 2hr around...
  3. New Hertfordshire shooter

    Hi guys, new to the forum and new to deer stalking. Quite an experienced rifle shot and looking to get into deer stalking and rough shooting. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially if anyone knows of any syndicates that welcome newcomers in the Herts or Essex area. Thanks!
  4. Wanted: Stalking Syndicate memebership

    I appreciate that this is a long shot as many of us are looking for places however if you dont ask you dont get. So here goes...... I am in south Hertfordshire, although obviously it would be nice to get a syndicate closeish to home (within a few hours drive i will also be quite happy to...
  5. Harkila & Seeland & Jack Pyke Open Day Tomorrow 15% off

    15% off instore Harkila, Seeland and Jack Pyke Clothing & Footwear at Rugged & Tough's Open Day Tomorrow 23rd August As the biggest retail store in the South East of England for Harkila and Seeland. Simon Esnouf from Harkila /Seeland will be in the store all day on Saturday the 23rd of...
  6. Wanted: Cheapest Highseat or stalking for Roe bucks? around south, SE, or midland

    Hi everyone I am just wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper highseat or stalking for Roe bucks this summer which are cheaper than my current cheapest option. The best price ive found so far is £70 per stalk with no kill or trophy fees, highseat only. Although this is a great price in...
  7. Wanted: Deer Syndicate place some where in the3 counties/ midland/south east region

    Am looking to buy into a syndicate somewhere within a hour / hour and half drive from Hertfordshire. DSC1 and insurance etc all in place. Any info greatly appreciated. Tim
  8. Wanted: Deer stalking syndicate or land to rent within Hertfordshire ?

    Well the search for new permission never ends... at the minute i have only one very small piece of land with a few muntjacs, its too small too shoot more than 2 - 3 a year. I am always trying to find new lands / woods to shoot. If anyone happens to know of any farmers , land owers or stalking...
  9. Best Muntjac deer managment stratergy pls ?

    Alright lads, Recently i acquired my first bit of shooting land which has proved to have muntjacs on it. I am very happy about this as until now all the (limited) stalking ive done has been paid weekend trips. I recently shot a heavily pregnant doe muntjac which was the first ive taken on...