1. Hello

    Hello I am new to this site. I would like to get a job as a pony ghillie in the north west highlands. I have highland ponies and know how to handle the hills and bogs. If you know any estates looking for a female pony ghillie. please get in touch. Thanks Iona
  2. For Sale: Handmade Fly Boxes

    Made from Walnut, with a resin border inlay and brass hardware. Choose from either a black or white closed cell foam liner. Finished in a water resistant satin lacquer. 125mm x 90mm x 32mm. Limited quantity available. £50 (inc. postage) www.adambragg.co.uk info@adambragg.co.uk
  3. Hunting/Stalking Expeditions in the Highlands

    Dear SD, I love stalking for what it is, hunter-gathering, eating fresh food and living off the land. My experiences have been limited to morning and evening lowland, woodland and farmland stalking, which I really enjoy, but recently I have become more interested in the idea of stalking...
  4. Caberslash Recommends: Custom Leatherwork by C A Gammack of Aberlour

    My experience with this maker begins with a helpful recommendation from Freeforester of this board. I was looking for someone to make a telescope case for a fine Ross of London stalking telescope that I had acquired, as out of the several telescopes that have gone through my hands, this was...
  5. Wanted: Stalking Highland / Inverness-Shire

    Evening, Im looking for some stalking in the Highland / Inverness-Shire area. Has anyone got anything going? Thanks
  6. Wanted: AW Inverness-Shire / Highland

    Any AW's on here in the above Locations? I have the BASC list but none of the guys I have emailed have replied as of yet. Cheers
  7. Wanted: Shooting Range 100m-300m

    Guys, Myself and a couple of mates are looking for a casual few hours zeroing in our ballistic turrets. Doesn't have to be anything formal... As long as it's safe. Anyone know Anywhere? Willing to pay. Inverness / Highland / + or - 50 miles. Cheers