1. Sold: HOWA 1500 .270 STAINLESS

    £300 Rifle, Moderator, Base Rail Only* .270 Winchester Stainless model (now discontinued in UK) Aimsport aimZonic Compact Moderator Base Rail with 20MOA Collection If collected will throw in 100 rounds Hornady SST Superformance worth £225. RFD Happy to RFD transfer to your local dealer...
  2. Sold: Howa 1500 .243Win Rifle

    Barreled action in 243win, with bolt, bottom metal, trigger group and original action screws in a hogue stock. Blued action/barrel and green rubber feel rigid stock. Floor-plate magazine system. Hogue stock is pillar bedded. Aftermarket custom bolt handle. Weaver bases. This is sold as a...
  3. For Sale: Rifles and shotguns

    ArmItalia Boxlock S/S N/E D/T 12Bore Shotgun. S/N: 7694. Stephenoise Arms L. Baucher French single shot .410 bolt action shotgun. s/n: 68420. 2inch chamber. Savage 64 self-loading tube-fed .22LR Rifle. s/n: NVN collectable, project. Laurona S/S Boxlock 12Bore Shotgun Denton & Kennel...
  4. Leupold rings and bases to fit Remington 700/ Howa

    These are on near perfect condition, the have been taken off my Police sniper rifle, 1 inch mediums, they held 7x50 meopta £60 plus post, or trade for 6x mag ,old Jap glass or European scope
  5. Sold: Howa 1500 in .308

    Howa 1500 in .308 Win Sporter barrel P8 moderator HACT trigger tuned by MIke Norris of Brock and Norris. SIMMONS Pro Hunter - 6-18 x 40 scope. Owned from new and kept completely standard as it worked very well as a stalking rig straight from the box. Trigger tuned by Mike Norris around a year...
  6. Sold: Howa 1500 Bell and Carlson stock custom bolt 243

    Howa 1500 .243 (Comission sale) -Bell and Carlson stock -Custom bolt knob/handle -picatinny rail -floor plate magazine -threaded 1/2 UNF -new crown -blued barrel/action -beartoothcomb riser £325 sent to your local dealer
  7. How are Howa?

    I've seen a few posts on here about Howa rifles, but also read a lot of bad reviews - does anyone have any experience with Howa rifles? Are they any good?