hunting in namibia

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  1. Available: Something Interesting-Namibia

    Well, I have been coming to Namibia for 21 years now, hence its surprise to anyone that I love the place. Amazing hunting, fishing in unique sceneries it really has so much to offer. This time around I have been in the country for 5 months and a lot has happened but i do not think I have...
  2. Available: Namibia Trophy Hunt 2021

    Our primary area is a stunning landscape with endless rolling hills, perfect for the ‘real-deal’ fair-chase on-foot experience. Very well-known, top PH, NAPHA member. Hunting for trophy animals, current SCI number one Hartebeest was taken here, and overall quality of trophies is outstanding. In...
  3. Available: Great deal on Non trophy Elephant cancellation hunt in Namibia for this November

    Non-Trophy Elephant Hunt daily rate: 2 days (arr & dep) + 8 hunting days = US$ 9,200.00 + Elephant shot fee US$ 5,750.00 = Hunt Total US$ 14,950.00 Client cancelled, paid a non-refundable deposit of US$ 5,500.00 Outstanding balance: US$ 9,450.00 (approx £6000) Plains game trophy animals...
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