1. Introduction

    Hi been asked to introduce myself love to stalk vermin control and generally being outdoors looking for another 243 to use as dedicated night vision/thermal for foxing
  2. Hello

    Hi All, Long time shooter and deer stalker, I’ve had my SGC since I was 9 (a long time ago) and my FAC for the last 18 years. I participate in most forms of shooting, from walk up pheasant, punching holes in paper, practical shotgun and deer stalking.
  3. Introduction

    Am based in Hampshire near Southampton. In to mainly wildfowling and game shoot , but dabble in any thing with guns, loved ferreting (when there was rabbits) also enjoy black powder guns and big bore shotguns
  4. Intro

    Hi all. Jacko here in Exeter, shoot a couple of cz rim fires, .223 and air rifle, there’s a lambert O/U that I occasionally go out and miss a load with. Mostly shoot rabbits and foxes. Get the odd day ferreting when work and family allow.
  5. Newbie Intro

    Hi all, this is my first foray into a forum so please bare with me! I’m an avid game shooter who over the past 5 years have ventured into stalking. I predominately stalk fallow but have also recently had the privilege to stalk reds in scotland. I currently shoot a .243 but am looking to add a...
  6. Introduction

    I have been a keen shooter since being a teenager. I gave a.223, a.243 and a .308 calibre. I am a member of a small syndicate in south Ayrshire where I have been going for the paSt 8 to 10 years I have shot only a few as the shooting has been disturbed by wind farm erecting I am now looking...