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  1. Intro

    Hi all. Jacko here in Exeter, shoot a couple of cz rim fires, .223 and air rifle, there’s a lambert O/U that I occasionally go out and miss a load with. Mostly shoot rabbits and foxes. Get the odd day ferreting when work and family allow.
  2. Newbie Intro

    Hi all, this is my first foray into a forum so please bare with me! I’m an avid game shooter who over the past 5 years have ventured into stalking. I predominately stalk fallow but have also recently had the privilege to stalk reds in scotland. I currently shoot a .243 but am looking to add a...
  3. Introduction

    I have been a keen shooter since being a teenager. I gave a.223, a.243 and a .308 calibre. I am a member of a small syndicate in south Ayrshire where I have been going for the paSt 8 to 10 years I have shot only a few as the shooting has been disturbed by wind farm erecting I am now looking...
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