1. Intro

    Hi, here's my intro :) I am relatively new to stalking but I have hunted small game (rabbit, fox etc) from a teenager. I have taken my DSC1 and waiting on the result. I've used a number of different calibres (12G, 9mm, .22) and want to get my own .308 for stalking Based in Tyrone
  2. Intro

    I'm new to deer stalking, I have a .22lr and am looking into getting a larger calibre to enable, pushing further into the deer stalking and long range shooting.
  3. mauserboy

    Hi, been shooting for 30-years and stalking for 20 of them. I hunt abroad a bit and love driven hunts for boar and deer in Europe, been to Africa a few times for plains game and bird shooting, in the UK I hunt all species and vermin; calibres - 22LR, 17HMR, 222/223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5...
  4. Happy New Year!

    Hi all, by way of introduction, have been shooting for 20+ years, but have never got round to stalking (work, family, usual excuses). So am a complete novice. To that end, am looking for paid stalking opportunities in the Herefordshire area, to learn as much as poss prior to DSC1 later in the...
  5. Hello From London

    Hi there I'm Peter, from London, passionate outdoors-man, been introduce to fishing and hunting since I was a little kid and now here in UK i'm part of a wild-fowling club as well as rifle and pistol club. It seems like a great opportunity to join The Stalking Directory to gain more knowledge...
  6. Intro

    Hi Chaps ! I live in Bolton and have been clayshooting and rough shooting for a few years now . iv had my FAC for a couple of years and just started getting into the full bore calibres at Altcar etc . My prized possessions are my 7.92 Mauser k98 and my Parker Hale .308 . i have an annual...
  7. Meerkat64

    hi have just become a member of stalking directory, do a lot of deer stalking in Argyllshire and also Shropshire , have a 243 Remington, wild cat moderator which purchased recently :lol::lol: