1. H

    Introduction to The Stalking Directory

    Hi all, As required I just wanted to state a few things about myself and why I have joined the directory. Im a shoot owner, gamekeeper and farmers son from Leicestershire. My family farm is around 500 acres of mixed arable and pasture with the shoot extending over that and a further 600 acres...
  2. B

    New from Hampshire

    Hi all, Just joined & from Hampshire. Shot a huge amount since I was young but only just properly got into stalking. Done my DSC L1, own a .308 and I have been out a few times. Looking for a syndicate & cull shooting down south. All the best, Toby
  3. B

    New member intro

    Good evening all, just joined the directory this evening after having spoken to Malcolm earlier in the day. I've been shooting shotguns for just over 30 years and held an FAC for 9 years. I shoot .22lr and .243 for rabbits and foxes but would like to learn about deer stalking. I've got DSC1...
  4. J


    Good morning! I’m not new to stalking but am new to the area and have been shooting for over twenty years. I live near Beverley, East Riding of Yorks and I am looking to establish some friends that share my interests in stalking and shooting. I’ve recently moved back to the area following a...
  5. R


    Hi, new to the site. Been stalking 25+years and hunted all over the world. Live in South Ayrshire, retired military, work in Africa. I work to stalk and like to get out as often as I can when I’m back home. I have .270, .243 and .223 as my deer calibers. Happy hunting!
  6. A

    Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
  7. J

    Hello, I'm a rookie looking to get into hunting/stalking.

    Hello anyone who reads this. Posting here partly because it's a good idea for someone in my situation, and mainly because it is obligatory in site rules (I joke :D). Firstly I'll start of with a brief background on why I have signed up for this forum. I have recently returned back home after...
  8. masimcox

    Good Morning -Introduction

    Hello Everyone, Firstly thank you for allowing me to join your forum, I am really looking forward to gaining much needed insight into the world of stalking. I currently live in Mid Wales near to Welshpool/Newtown. I think I might be a little old (59) to be considering taking up this most...
  9. L


    Hello all, I have been Fox shooting for a number of years now, but am relatively new to stalking. I'm here to learn all I can from more experienced stalkers. The main area I'm currently interested in learning more about is deer dogs, my interest would be in a dog for indicating deer and...
  10. T

    New member

    Good Morning, I am a new member to the site. I have been stalking for the past 5 years but only stalk recreationally. In all honestly, I have little time to stalk due to work commitments and might only shoot 15-20 deer per year. I am based nr. Gloucestershire and am interested in learning...
  11. D

    Introduction (Northern Ireland)

    Hello, Where do you start. 29, From Northern Ireland. Always had an interest in deer stalking from a young age, being out with my dad creeping about the forests at stupid o clock in the morning. (still out at stupid o clock - 4:30am left the house at last saturday :cuckoo:) Had an excellent...
  12. T

    Hello Folks

    Hello Folks, Just thought I would let you know I am here. I do have a Firearms licence, for a lovely .22 Anschutz Match1864 style, fully adjustable and a jacket and sling that fit "just right". I have not done any deer shooting yet, but would like to. The only trouble is that being in Essex...
  13. E

    Hello all

    Hello all and Happy New Year. I'm new to deer stalking and looking to learn as much as I can. I've done my DSC1 as I thought it would be a good move. I'd like to get the DSC2 done this year. Also, looking to get as much practical experience as I can so any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  14. C

    Taking DSC1 in Lancashire '16

    Hi. Hope you are all well. I am new to stalking and the site and will be taking my DSC1 in April '16. Joined to respond to the classifieds and to see if I can get out stalking with anyone once I am qualified. Living in Lancashire and hoping to find some land to stalk down the line, once I...
  15. K

    New to group!

    Evening everyone! My name is konar miles and I run small stalking business in Perthshire Scotland called KM contracting services. I'm 22YO and I have 7 years of stalking keepering experience across the UK and the world. I have a deer dog available to anyone around the Blairgowrie area, he...
  16. R

    Looking for hunting shops in Nice France

    Hi Folk, I'm new to the forum ... I am looking for some recommendations for hunting (mainly clothing) stores in and around Nice - Alpes Maritime area. I am due a short visit there in Oct and would like not to miss an opportunity to visit a shop or two. Mainly looking for clothing and knifes...
  17. C

    New to site

    Hi, My name is Chris. I live right on the Sussex and Kent Border (Rotherfield). I am passionate to the bone about stalking and all things deer! I am 100% interested in any stalking and other opportunities in the Kent Sussex region. I am DSC1, I have a part trained GSP (he is a work in...
  18. M

    Hi from North Somerset

    Hi, I'm Mike, from North Somerset. I got into stalking whilst living in Slovakia (a hell of a lot of deer and boar out there... and an equally high number of high seats!), came from a shotgunning background though. Now I shoot a .270 in addition to my 12g. Moved back home to the West Country...
  19. T

    Hello from Middlesex

    Hi all I have moved to the U.K roughly two years ago. I have done a fair bit of rifle shooting in the United States and on the Indus plains in Pakistan (primarily with 7x57 mauser and 7.62x51 win). The U.S. experience was exclusively on shooting ranges, whereas Pakistan was a mix of shooting...
  20. E


    Hi, andy from colchester here, primarily a shotgun and target rifle shooter; 22 and pistol calibre gallery rifle, muzzle-loading, historic full-bore (303 and 7.5x55) and scoped full-bore. However i'm happy to walk with a shotgun/rifle and get my boots muddy.