1. Intro

    Hi, I’m based in Northamptonshire and am joining as I’ve shot at ranges for a while but would like to start stalking and would like to hear others views/advice on how best to start as well as what rifles cross over the stalking/target divide. I’m thinking a heavier 6.5 creedmoor but open to...
  2. Introduction

    Hi all, I'm joining the site to gain knowledge and experience. I have been shooting for many years now however that was through family and my previous job, I now do it as a hobby. I primarily pest control and target shoot, based in cheshire.
  3. Introduction - target shooter

    Good day all, I am a target shooter (smallbore, target rifle, and match rifle) based in Cambridgeshire, but primarily shooting at Bisley. I handload .308 Win for training and competition ammo, and am always interested in new recipes people are trying out. I don't hunt at present, so am primarily...
  4. Intro

    Hello everyone, I am joining the community to find advertised stalking days in southern England primarily. I have stalked my entire life in the alps and done few trips in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria. I have been stalking in the UK now for 5years, since I moved here. Looking forward to...
  5. New member introduction!

    Hi, Been reading posts on the Stalking Directory for years so thought it was about time to join in. Lancashire Based Gamekeeper so both Shotgun and Rifle work, currently foxing with .204 and using .243 and .270 on deer! 5 dogs and thats about it in the interesting section! Hope this suits the...
  6. Introduction

    Hi all first post here seen some information while looking through google for some help with lamping foxes, never shot for foxes before but had a nasty experience with one and my chickens! safe to say i am now trying my hand at lamping so have been looking for advice and will throw up a post...
  7. Just to say Hello

    Hi, just a quick intro. I don’t have a rifle, other than air, and have not been stalking yet but have some booked. I have been shooting clays and game for a while and enjoy working my dog in the field. I live in West Sussex. I am here to learn. ATB cidrDrinker
  8. Introduction

    Hi all, I’m based on the Surrey/Kent border and stalk on family land predominantly fallow to keep on top of numbers. Signed up to the High Weald Deer Management scheme to provide them with cull data and impact surveys etc. Enjoy all aspects of rifle shooting with various calibres and also like...
  9. Hi

    Hi I’m from Yorkshire use a 6.5prc for stalking and 22-250 and 223 for vermin hoping to improve my knowledge through this platform and utilise the classified section to find new kit !
  10. Hello Friends 👋

    Hi there.. excited to be finally joining this site after many recommendations. My name's Katie, I'm a fieldsports/wildlife artist working mainly in charcoal. Having been a stalker for around 7 years (more often with a camera), my favourite work is of course deer-related. Previously worked on...
  11. Introduction

    Hi, I'm a relative novice stalker definitely looking to learn from the experience concentrated around these forums! Based in the SE, generally stalking for Roe and Muntjac with occasional fallow across our estate. I have my DSC1 and currently shoot a .243.
  12. Introduction

    Hello, I’m joe from near Colchester in Essex. I’ve just got my FAC after years of wanting rifles but just having shotguns. A mate of mine, I accompany stalking and lamping, introduced me to this site while searching for my first rifles. I’ve now just got my sako .243 for foxes and hopefully some...
  13. Hi Everyone on TSD

    Hi all, Long time lurker but now finally getting around to an intro. Avid shooter and stalker with experience across the UK, mainly Glos and Highlands. Have shot in Europe as well mainly Phaesants and lucky enough to shoot a few oddities in Southern Africa. Rifle, shotgun, or rod in hand...
  14. Introduction

    Hi all, Recently started shooting and registered here because it looked like an interesting place to learn more and for any advice or tips.
  15. Introduction

    Hi all, My name is Sam and im from Wiltshire. Currently I only target shoot .22lr at my local club and (mostly) .308 at Bisley, but considering trying hunting at some point in the future. Looking forward to chatting with you all!
  16. Hi

    Hi, I’m Ollie, based on the north west near Warrington. I mostly do target shooting, a lot of .22LR and .308 at long range. I also do gallery rifle, practical rifle and shotgun and clays. Thanks!
  17. Introduction

    Hi All, just a quick introduction about me, Im currently living in Yorkshire, I have a passion for pest control and air rifles. I also have a working cocker spaniel called Kaspa and a border collie cross.
  18. Introduction

    Hello, I am completely new to Deer Staking and would like to get to know the very basics as i have been editing videos for A1 Decoy. I am based around Bristol and have no shooting or hunting experience but willing to listen and learn the craft. If anyone would be helpful to show me in the right...
  19. Hoop jumping new member introduction....

    Drum roll please. Good evening ladles and gentle spoons. I am the Onearmedbandit. I am in the rugby Warwickshire area. I have completed my DSC 1 and a few other bits and bobs. I target shoot and also have been known to scare a few clays with a shotgun every now and then. I am always keen to...
  20. Registration introduction

    Hi I'm a beater up in North Yorkshire, more than anything else. As my profile suggests, I have two black labs. An old girl turning 11 this year (2023) and a younger girl of 18 months. I registered mainly for the kit reviews and dog chats. Cheers, Pete