Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Sold: Spartan Kapita Quick Shot Adapter

    Spartan Kapita Quickshot adapter Never used £22.50 posted
  2. Sold: Spartan Kapita Titanium Hook

    New - £45 Unmarked barely used. I'll do it for - £22.50 posted
  3. Sold: Spartan Javelin Kapita + Accessories

    Spartan Javelin Kapita tripod - mint condition, literally had 10 shots off it. Unmarked basically unused - SOLD Quick shot adapter - £35 new - never used - I'll let go for £25 Blaser ball adapter (different diameter red pin) - £45 new - I'll let go for £30 Kapita titanium hook - £45 new -...
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