1. paulbshooting

    Wanted: Stalking in Kent

    Good evening I will be working in the Edenbridge / Hever area for the foreseeable and keen to find some stalking to enjoy as the evenings stretch out and to relax whilst away from busy home life during the working week. The local pubs and Kent ale are great so keen to also stop a habit...
  2. RuralLondoner

    Wanted: Wild Boar down south ...?

    Hi, I'm interested in some wild boar stalking that I can access from London. Anyone able to help? At a push, I could probably go as far as The Forest of Dean. Anyone able to offer some wild boar stalking there or (preferably) closer to the dreaded metropolis ...!? East Sussex/Kent would be...
  3. C

    Wanted: Syndicate deer stalking opportunities in Sussex/KEnt

    Hi, Looking for syndicate opportunities in Sussex/Kent or indeed any stalking opportunities (especially unaccompanied so that I can go on short notice/when I get a window as I work in the city and have very small kids at home so hard to get out regularly in advance). I am DSCI and have .243 on...
  4. P

    Introduction.... Living in Kent, new to stalking deer. Looking for advice

    Hi all, I am new to deer stalking but an experienced shot (if not a little rusty) Grew up in rural Australia where rabbits and roo's were the normal quarry. Since immigrating to the UK I have taken up clay busting with the very occasional driven shoot (Pheasants). My yearning to go hunting...