1. Danum

    For Sale: Danum Blades Zipper

    This is one of my Danum Blades Zipper knives. £250 + p&p It has been fitted with Dark Red resin and Pine cone scales that have been set with Black liners. These have been fitted with stainless steel loveless bolts And comes with a Leather sheath. Steel 3mm Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel...
  2. Danum

    Sold: Danum Blades Roe Stalker Knife

    This is one of my Danum Blades Roe Stalker knives it has been fitted with Pine Cone and Blue resin scales, these have been set with Green G10 liners and fitted to the blade with brass loveless bolts And comes with a Tan leather sheath. £275 + p&p Steel 3mm Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel Scandi...
  3. Danum

    For Sale: Danum Blades Fallow Stalker knife with Stabilised Bog Oak scales

    This Danum Blades Fallow Stalker knife has been fitted with Stabilised Bog Oak scales that have been set with red liners. These have been matched to stainless steel loveless bolts And comes with a Leather sheath. Price £250 + p&p Danum Blades Fallow Stalker Bog Oak Scales with Red liners 14C28N...
  4. S

    Which Lansky stones do I buy?

    I have settled , rightly or wrongly, on the Lansky guided system to sharpen my knives. I have nothing special or exotic, but I do like a good sharp knife. The decision to invest is prompted by the purchase of an Eka switchblade at BSS. Do I buy a diamond set and then some finer stones to hone...
  5. Cawdor118

    Emberleaf knives

    Amazing knifes no one will argue, but what one would you buy? What's the most practocal blade shape? Cael Garron Adra Bran Roe to red. £500 budget. Stainless.
  6. hammo

    Sold: 3 Knives for sale

    1. Damascus blade and bolster at hinge, brass liner and pins, green camel bone handle 5 Inches closed, 4 Inch blade £35 Columbia River Knife and tool Co. Lock Knife M16-12Z Glass fibre reinforced nylon handle 4 Inches closed, 3 Inch blade. Used with wear to the finish on the belt clip...
  7. Z

    Folding knife

    Hi all, Knives are very subjective, I know, but what do we think is the best folding knife for stalking available under £70? No serration or gut hook required, just a bog standard blade of the right sort of profile, at least three inches long and which can stand up to a bit of abuse. If it...
  8. Cawdor118

    Sold: Stuart Mitchell Knife

    Has anyone got a spare Stuart Mitchell Knife you want to Sell? Cheers
  9. Greymaster

    Sold: Walther Hunter Knife Set

    Walther Hunter Knife Set The Walther Hunter knife set is the ideal hunter’s companion. The rugged nylon sheath contains two knives and a saw, each with lanyard eyelets and hard rubber grips that ensure a firm grasp even with wet or sweaty hands. The large knife with its traditional skinner...
  10. charliefox

    Sold: Dan Crotts No. 1 Hunting Knife, D2 & Orange G10

    Dan Crotts, Bob Dozier's Son-in-Law, No.1 Hunting Knife for sale. Blade is 80mm, OAL is 190mm. 3.6mm d2 hollow ground blade, with secondary bevel. Orange G10 handle, stainless pins and tube over thin black liners. Has thumb jimping for better control. Comes in the usual cross draw kydex belt...
  11. tjm160

    Youngsters (8) First Knife (rabbits/pigeons)

    Can anyone recommend a particularly good knife for a youngsters (boy aged 8) first knife, suitable for gutting rabbits and de-breasting pigeons? Thanks in advance for any assistance :tiphat:
  12. Krabryn

    Sold: Buck Small Gralloching Knife

    Here's another Xmas Stocking Filler in as new condition at HALF price - hence £12 posted UK mainland. Buck Model 476 fixed blade knife - 3.5 inch blade in Cordura sheath with tough inner core guard
  13. Z

    Custom knife - advice please

    Hi all, I'm looking for a best man present for my brother. Getting married this weekend so time is of the essence. Between us we've got more kit than you could shake a rifle at but we don't have custom knives as we've always gone for the Mora (if you lose it you don't cry) option. I'd like...
  14. xavierdoc

    Stuart Mitchell knife "mini-review"

    I see Stuart Mitchell has joined this forum and since I'm using one of his knives I thought I'd post a quick review. For the record, I'm in no way connected to Stu or his business and I've paid for any knife I've had off him. Some perspective, because what I like may not be what you like: I'd...
  15. Moray Outfitting


    Per this thread - Which is purely for promotion of the E petition. Several people had comments/ points to make. That is what a forum is all about and no problem with that. But concerned that placing...
  16. Moray Outfitting

    Available: Stalking Skills Training Day with Stalking School in Moray

    Stalking School Training Day 19th August 2012 No Denzil Washington or Ethan Hawke, just the Stalking School. However - This One Day Session is designed to help you develop key stalking skills in some of the areas that repeatedly seem to cause problems – Knife Care & Sharpening Rifle...
  17. S

    Green Acre Knife

    I need to buy a general purpose / gralloching knife and want something traditional and starightforward, without spending a fortune. I had noticed that Green Acre are selling reasonably priced hand made knives: Does...