1. Z

    Folding knife

    Hi all, Knives are very subjective, I know, but what do we think is the best folding knife for stalking available under £70? No serration or gut hook required, just a bog standard blade of the right sort of profile, at least three inches long and which can stand up to a bit of abuse. If it...
  2. G

    Hello from Kent

    Hello everyone, I have just recently joined the stalking directory and wanted to say hello. A little back ground on my interests, I was raised on a farm (and still involved in agriculture as an advisor), I mainly use shot guns and use air rifles in pest control. My main interests normally...
  3. B


    Greetings everyone my name is brett I'm from Zimbabwe and I make hand made knifes mostly knifes for bush, hunting and a few others.. I make to order aswell...
  4. Krabryn

    Talking Stalking Evening - Usk Wednesday 12th October 2016

    A BASC & The Deer Initiative Sponsored Event Talking Stalking Evening Venue: The Three Salmons Hotel, Usk, Gwent Date: Wednesday 12th October 2016 Featuring Presentations: Knives and the law Bill Harriman, Director BASC Firearms Team Essential and non-essential...
  5. suburban bushwacker

    Sold: Mark Hill knife

    sold Its a chunky thing, handmade by Mark Hill its an homage of the knives by Rob Bailey that BG carried in his first few series. £130 inc paypal and myhermes.
  6. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Folding Diamond 10" Sharpening Steel

    Please take a look at our Vogue Folding Diamond 10" Sharpening Steel! This is our item of the month. Our deer stalking guide has ordered his! small enough to carry around, ideal if you are out and about gralloching! £11.87+ £4.95 postage...
  7. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Butchery lite, great for Christmas.

    Please take a look at our butcher lite set. This would make a ideal gift for any stalker! + order by Friday and receive by Christmas! Please take a look.
  8. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Larder Equipment

    On our online website we stock lots of larder equipment including heavy duty waterproof aprons, food safe powdered disposable gloves, non-powdered disposable gloves, cut resistant gloves along with all the knives an saws. We also stock fly killers along...