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  1. Wall Coating - Game Larder

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for a hard setting (wipe down) and good value white wall paint for a game larder? I had previously bought Resincoat Anticbactieral Epoxy paint which was good but the price has skyrocketed - I imagine because of the demand from Covid. Thanks, Harry
  2. Stainless Steel zip wire

    Wondering if anyone has used a stainless zip wire in place of a rail system in a chiller/ game larder. Only useful for a straight larder obviously. I have been pricing up rail systems and they seem very expensive compared to a stainless zip wire set up. I know this will be more “slidy” than a...
  3. Sold: Larder Bone Saw

    Professional quality in as new condition, 17 inch blade plus spare blade £35 posted UK Mainland
Leica Amplus 6