laser range finder

  1. For Sale: Blackwoods Laser Rangefinder LEO32

    Blackwoods Laser Rangefinder (LE032 Hunting Rangefinder x1. 1) Mini laser range finder. 5) Convenient with the gun sight mirror, and with the bow, sputum and other products. 3) Press the mouse tail switch again. An upward arrow will appear in the lower right corner of the screen to indicate...
  2. Sold: Delta Titanium 9x45 HD LRF binoculars - £740

    Delta Titanium 9x45 HD LRF binoculars, less than two years old, immaculate condition, light use and even then mainly used from the truck. Comes with the original box and paperwork, etc. £740.
  3. Laserworks LE-032 not working

    Has anyone had an issue with their LE-032 not turning on? It was working then kept in the garage for about 3 weeks and will not turn on now, bought and tried a brand new battery but still no joy. I've taken the rats tail button apart and checked function with a multimeter and it's fine...
  4. Wanted: Range finder

    Hi I’m looking for a hand held range finder. Ideally 1000 yards range or greater. Does anyone have one they want to sell? Thanks, Jeff.

    Any first hand experience on these bins please? From the reviews I’ve read and watched online they seem very good considering the price and quality of glass you get. Are they comparable to other European manufacturers at a fraction of the cost? Pros/Cons??? Real world experience is always...
  6. Win a pair of Laser Range Finder Binoculars in our British Shooting Show Competition.

    Hello all We are giving away a pair of Pulsar Expert LRF Binoculars with integrated Laser Range Finder worth £589.95 You can enter via our website, or on our stand at The British Shooting Show. Hall 3 Zone 34 where we will have the very latest hand held and rifle mounted night vision and...