1. For Sale: Danum Blades Kipplauf 2 round pouch (Clip)

    Danum Blades Kipplauf 2 round pouch (clip) This is the new variation of my Kipplauf pouch, It is the same two round pouch but insted of a lanyard for carrying around your neck it has been fitted with a metal clip so that it can be attached to a jacket or bin-harness. The pouch opens...

    SPECIAL OFFER BLASER R8 ULTIMATE LEATHER ADJ MATCH STOCK ONLY £3299.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/blaser-r8-ultimate-leather-adj-match-stock-000318/
  3. Sold: Tourbon Cheek raiser/riser

    As above, leather and brown suede. Clips to any stock, even works on thumbhole. Height added to cheek weld is 1.4" £22.50 posted
  4. For Sale: Leather shotgun slips

    1 x vintage padded leather slip, needs zip repair. £25 posted. 1 x thin leather slip, top entry with fastening buckle. £17.50 posted.
  5. For Sale: Walnut grips and leather holster for Ruger GP100 Revolver

    Private used sale, sold as they are seen here in the photographs. Both come with original purchase receipt Walnut grips - £50 posted Tanned Leather right-side holster suitable for 2.5-3'' barrel, very nice quality real leather £40.00 posted. It was labelled as Gp100 specific but may well fit...
  6. DIY Leather Stalking Rifle Sling

    Hi all, This is a project that took a while to design and gather materials for (some need to be imported from the US), but the simplicity of use and assembly make it worthwhile in my opinion. I won't be making any for sale so please don't ask, however, I am sharing the design on here so please...
  7. Made a leather stick cover for my Marlin 45-70

    Made a leather stock cover for my Marlin 45-70 My "new" Marlin 45-70 Cowboy was just crying out for a leather butt cover, so I made one last night and stained it today. My goals: 1. Raise the comb a little, to allow scope use but without compromising irons 2. Increase length of pull (the...