lever action

  1. Lever action threading for mod

    Hi all, looking at getting a 30-30 lever action for stalking, but keep coming up against the issue of not many of them are threaded for a sound moderator. I need a mod on the land I shoot, so it’s a non negotiable. I am looking at either a Winchester 1984 or Mossberg 464 lever action in 30-30...
  2. For Sale: Winchester 94 lever action 30-30

    Nice clean 94 in 30-30 calibre , just been ceracoted in midnight blue which goes well with the wood that is well figured. Roe deer engraved on the action comes with scope mount and scope. Looking for £900 can send to RFD at cost.
  3. Sold: Marlin 1894 in 357 Magnum / 38 special

    I have too many guns so I've decided to sell this stunning Marlin 1894 in 357 Magnum. It's around 18 months old and is in lovely condition. It's probably fired about 250 rounds in total, so hasn't done much work at all. It has a 20 inch barrel. I've finished the stock properly with Napier stock...
  4. 45-70 Gvt. Reloading for Henry rifle

    Hi All, I have ordered a nice new Henry Colour Case Hardened rifle in 45-70gvt, it should arrive in the next few weeks and I'm doing my homework on the best route for reloading. The purpose of the gun is for Lever gun comps, general paper punching, historic/cowboy themed shoots etc. (I'm not...