1. Giving out licence information?

    I am joining a deer stalking syndicate for the first time and the keeper in charge is asking for a copy of my shotgun & FAC licenses for his records is this a normal thing to request?
  2. New here! East Sussex.

    Hi Everyone! I’m new here! Currently getting back into shooting, but my previous experience has only been shooting air rifles. I haven’t got my FAC but this is something i’m looking to obtain. In terms of the shooting i’d like to do, it’d be target shooting and vermin, foxs, rabbits, deer ect...
  3. Grazing agreement

    Hi all, On the off chance, does anyone have a copy of a fairly standard grazing licence? (Livestock not horses if possible). All best, Z.
  4. Thumbs up for Sussex Firearms Licensing Dept

    Latest variation just went through in just over 8 weeks - I was told it could take up to 12 weeks, so am thoroughly chuffed! I just wanted to comment that Sussex FLD were thoroughly helpful and professional - I've had my licence a while and have always made the effort to be polite and patient...
  5. Variation for "liberal conditions" (fully open ticket)

    Hi there - Thinking of applying for my open ticket and wondered what the wording was on people's ticket's who had "open licences"?