1. Asked for evidence of competency... Is this normal?

    After submitting my FAC application in November 2022, my local Firearms officer has called this week to chat about my application and organise a visit to view my security arrangements. He said that my application would not be considered without someone producing a letter to say that I have...
  2. Driving record preventing obtaining a license?

    First proper post here, I am looking at applying for my license in the next few months - once TVP start allowing applications again. I have a DR10 (Drink drive) from 2016 and a DG10 (Driving under the influence of cannabis) from 2018. What are the chances of being accepted for a license? I'll...
  3. Herts and Beds Firearms Unit --- Any ideas how long for a Variation ?

    Anyone know how long Herts & Beds are turning over Variations at the minute ? sent mine in a week ago and just wondering if im in for a long or short wait ... window shopping for rifles is only fun for a little while!! :) thanks Tim
  4. Complaint about shooting from member of public

    So last week i took my mrs out shooting. She wanted to practice with the centrefire having now mastered shooting good 1" groups with my 17hmr. I took her to a local farm where i have permission after checking with the land owner that this was ok by him which it was. We set up some targets in a...