1. D

    For Sale: Lyman T-Mag II Turret Press

    Hi I'm selling a Lyman T-Mag II turret press with all the original parts. VGC £SOLD
  2. Baggy

    Sold: Lyman Neck Expanding M Die .25

    Surplus to requirements since selling the .257 Roberts and in the process of selling my custom 25-06 (gone to the more "normal" calibres of .223 and .243:doh:). Lyman product no. 7349057 and their website is HERE The custom load guys use these to get uniform neck tensions and help "heel" the...
  3. dmouland

    Sold: New Lyman gen 5 electric scales

    Hi all, I'm looking for a supplier of new lyman gen 5 scales. Everyone seems to be out of stock at the moment, everywhere has them on backorder... is there any RFD's out there with one left?
  4. long_range_rob

    For Sale: 7mm08 Lyman and 243 RCBS dies

    Lyman 7mm08 full length and seating dies. Used but in good usable condition. In RCBS box. RCBS .243WIN full length and seater dies. Again used but in good usable condition. Again in RCBS box. £30 per set posted
  5. long_range_rob

    Lyman DPS1200 series 1 fault

    Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to load some 25-06 tonight using my faithful old Lyman 1200DPS and when I went to calibrate it I got "Error" on the screen! :mad: Even if I bypass the calibration routine I can only weigh up to 76gn. DOH! :doh: Anyone got any ideas as its not powder stuck under...