1. For Sale: .243 / 6mm cast bullet kit

    Hi all, for sale are the following: Lyman single cavity 85gr gas check mould #245496. £50 posted Lee .243 lube and size kit. £12 posted .243 gas checks x900. £10 posted
  2. Sold: SOLD NOW --Lyman Borescope/bore cam

    I am selling my Lyman Borescope/Borecam. Barely used. Original box. Excellent for inspecting all aspects of the rifle barrel including barrel condition, chamber condition, throat finish and wear, reamer marks , carbon fouling, copper fouling etc. Retails for upto £334.50 (on Amazon). Asking...
  3. For Sale: Lyman T-Mag II Turret Press

    Hi I'm selling a Lyman T-Mag II turret press with all the original parts. VGC £SOLD
  4. Sold: Lyman Neck Expanding M Die .25

    Surplus to requirements since selling the .257 Roberts and in the process of selling my custom 25-06 (gone to the more "normal" calibres of .223 and .243:doh:). Lyman product no. 7349057 and their website is HERE The custom load guys use these to get uniform neck tensions and help "heel" the...
  5. Sold: New Lyman gen 5 electric scales

    Hi all, I'm looking for a supplier of new lyman gen 5 scales. Everyone seems to be out of stock at the moment, everywhere has them on backorder... is there any RFD's out there with one left?
  6. Lyman DPS1200 series 1 fault

    Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to load some 25-06 tonight using my faithful old Lyman 1200DPS and when I went to calibrate it I got "Error" on the screen! :mad: Even if I bypass the calibration routine I can only weigh up to 76gn. DOH! :doh: Anyone got any ideas as its not powder stuck under...