1. For Sale: AI(AICS) .308 10 round magazine and matching floorplate for Tikka T3/T3X

    AI(AICS) .308 10 round magazine and matching floorplate for Tikka T3/T3X, very easy conversion. 150 GBP for a set posted.
  2. Sold: Tikka T3 Magazine (308, 243, 22-250 etc)

    5 shot tikka t3 magazine. 308 or derivative calibres (243, 22-250 etc) Good condition £35 posted. Advertised elsewhere
  3. For Sale: Magpul PMAG5 AC L Standard magazine

    Hello I am selling the following Magpul magazine. Brand new and unopened packaging. Bought with a magpul kit and not required as using AI metal mag. £50 on (as below) , will take £30 delivered mainland UK only. See the three photos attached so you are 100% sure this fits...
  4. Wanted: Tikka T3 5rd magazine 22-250

    Has anyone got a 5 round magazine kicking around for a T3 in 22-250 they would be willing to sell? TIA Pasky
  5. For Sale: 303 bits

    Enfield loading clips for magazine x 4. £15 posted Enfield no.4 rear flip up sight with all small parts £20 posted 303 bullets x 93 - 215grain Woodleigh Weldcore soft point - £35 posted (rare - cost me £59 for 100)
  6. Wanted: Tikka T3/T3X 10 shot magazine metal

    Hi all, Ideally looking for a 10 shot metal magazine for a 243 Tikka T3X, one that doesn't need a chassis type and can fit any Tikka T3/T3X model. Riflemags website are out of stock and i'm not all that keen on the plastic bodied angled shaped ones by lucky13..looking for straight shaped...
  7. Sold: Tikka T3 10 Rounds Aluminium Magazine .223

    Tikka T3 10 round aluminium magazine in for .223 for sale. Not only does this mag solve the issue of feed lip wear on the standard T3 mag, the extra space allows for much longer OAL to get the most out of heavier bullets. Approx 50 rounds fed from it, but a switch to an AI compatible stock...
  8. Wanted: Wanted: magazine for Brno ZKW 465 .22 Hornet

    As per the subject line, I'm looking for a magazine for Brno ZKW 465 .22 Hornet - new or used. -JMS
  9. Wanted: Sauer 202 .308 Barrel and/or Magazine 5 shot

    Hi, I'm in the market for a new barrel and 5 shot magazine for my Sauer 202. if anyone has anything going for sale please contact me, that would be great. Thanks
  10. Wanted: Sauer 202 5 shot magazine .308 and .308 barrel

    Hi, I've been trying to get my hands on a 2nd hand sauer 202 5 shot .308 magazine. keep missing the boat on the few that pop up here from time to time. Also would be interested in a barrel if there was one going for same caliber. 2nd had would do (granted it hasn't done too much shooting and...
  11. Wanted: El Gamo ASI sniper repeater .177 air rifle magazine tube

    It's a long shot but here it goes anyway....I'm repairing my uncles childhood air rifle. A late 1960's Gamo ASI sniper repeater .177 air rifle. This break barrel air rifle is a normally has a magazine tube to auto-feed pellets. That is the missing part I am looking for. I believe...
  12. Sold: Anschutz 10 round .22lr magazine.

    Brand new never loaded 10 round capacity genuine Anschutz magazine for 1416 1417 rifles. Will also hold .17HM2 it says on base. i am selling this as it came with a new rifle, but I prefer the5 capacity magazine. I'd like £50 posted for it. any questions at all please ask. To clarify, this...
  13. For Sale: MDT AICS .223 Magazines - 10 shot

    Modular Driven Technologies 10 shot polymer AICS compatible magazines. .223 ONLY We have a special offer on these right now, £28 each + p&p £5.75. Available in black and flat dark earth. Available to order online here
  14. Introduction

    Located in the Highlands just west of Inverness I have very limited stalking experience but life long interest in field sports. I have a GSP bird dog who seems OK at tracking too. I'm shooting on a budget with a Parker Hale 270 (came upon here whilst looking for a spare magazine for it) and...
  15. Sold: 2x Tikka T3 5 shot mag .308 family

    SOLD 2x Tikka T3 5 shot mag .308 family I've got 2x Tikka T3 5 shot mags for .308 family cartridges. Good used condition but one has a letter "A" engraved on it. Sold pending funds £35 each, posted to mainland UK
  16. Wanted: Sauer 202 magazine

    Anyone with a Sauer 202 magazines for sale.... 6.5/.270 one or the .243/308 one....interested in either... 3 or 5 shot.... Any considered....
  17. Sako 75 magazine.

    Has anyone any ideas why, each time I fire a shot, the magazine drops out of my Sako 75 .243? Magazine clips in with a reassuring click each time it's inserted. It will not come out if I try to pull or push it out. It is not dented or damaged in any way that I can see. Advice from other Sako 75...
  18. Wilson Combat magazines

    Does anyone know of a dealer that stocks Wilson Combat's products? I have checked all of the dealers locally but have drawn a blank so far. I'm looking for a couple of 8 round magazines, either the 47D or ETM version in .45 ACP. Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.
  19. Tikka T3 magazines

    Hi all, Does anyone know where in the UK I can get hold of Tikka T3 .308 (short action) 5 round magazines? Every shop, website and trader I have spoken to all say that GMK are not holding or ordering any currently. Many thanks, Pete