1. Z

    Running a deer park

    Hi all, I have a contact who is keen to buy a deer park and has asked me to source some info in a professional capacity. There are red and fallow herds currently on the land which is only about 100 acres. The questions that I have been given are: What is the minimum herd size to prevent...
  2. D

    Prickets. Do or Dont? - first year actual management plans

    I've a fair bit of land up around auchnacloy where i shoot here in n.ireland. We have primarily Fallow running through it, randomly get the odd red comes onto it now and again but not too often. I'm just sort of thinking about the later on years. At the moment i know of at least 4-8 good...
  3. Evillemon

    Best Muntjac deer managment stratergy pls ?

    Alright lads, Recently i acquired my first bit of shooting land which has proved to have muntjacs on it. I am very happy about this as until now all the (limited) stalking ive done has been paid weekend trips. I recently shot a heavily pregnant doe muntjac which was the first ive taken on...
  4. Shavesgreen

    Available: Zambian Cull/Trophy hunt 2013

    Zambian Cull hunt offer Hi Guys, Following the success of the 2012 hunt I will be offering this as an annual thing from now on. I have made some changes to improve the package, such as a trip to Vic Falls which is just over an hour from the hunting area. Please PM me or email...