1. For Sale: Blaser R93 Barrels LRS2 .308 Heavy, 6mmBR Fluted Match

    .LRS2 .308 Heavy barrel £750 6mm BR Fluted Match £750 30-06 sold .243 sold Moderators can be available
  2. Sold: Hornady .223 Once fired brass

    461 x once fired brass in .223 REM flavour. All once popped from Hornady match factory ammo originally. All stainless Tumbled so nice and shiny inside and out! some have writing on from case volume testing. All Decapped. Hornady Match factory 73gr ELD-M ammo has crimped primers, so cases will...
  3. david-tubb-2019-1000yds-irons.jpg


    David Tubb wins the 2019 Remington Cup, shooting this final target at 1,000 yards with his 6mm BX, using iron sights.