1. Sold: A-Tec Maxim moderator M18x1 thread calibre <6.5mm

    Hi, I'm selling my A-Tec Maxim moderator - it was fitted to my Sako .243 which is for sale so I no longer need it. Estimate less than 500 rounds from new, most of them on a range. It was on a .243, but is suitable for calibre <6.5mm, thread is M18x1. Price: £150. please ask if you have any...
  2. For Sale: Atec Maxim moderators

    I have 3 Atec Maxtim Titan moderators for sale in 223 - 243 & 308 extra baffles on 243 & 308 asking £150 each Plus post & RFD if required, with less than 20 shots through each, used to zero only then removed from my Blader R8 complete with boxes will send to RFD at your cost or F2F with open slot.