1. Hello!

    Involved with shooting since age 10, Very keen on reloading, RFD, involved with custom rifles for approximately 25 years. Interested in this site for information on what people are doing, stalking, reloading, optics, plains game and what items people have for sale! 😊
  2. For Sale: Sako 75 Semi-custom in 300WSM

    Assembled by Norman Clark the rifle is built around a Sako 75 (Chrome-Moly) action, bedded into a McMillan (Sako Varmint) fibreglass stock and has a heavy, 24" stainless Krieger Match barrel Prone, or comfortably rested on a vehicle or in a High Seat, the rifle is a supremely accurate &...
  3. Wanted: WANTED, McMillan A3 or Manners T4

    Hi, I am looking for a McMillan A3 adjustable stock or manners t4 with a tikka t3x inlet. I am wanting the colour to be marble with a mixture of either black, tan, green - black, grey, green - or something similar. thanks, Rocco