1. Sold: .22 .223 .224 Bullet Heads

    Bullet Heads in .22/.223/.224 (Updated to show remaining) Approx 200x Generic BT FMJ Military .224 5.56 55gr £20 Have not checked generic orange packs One is sealed 100x one is nearly full est 85x Happy to post at cost at £3.50 up to 2Kg tracked Thanks for looking
  2. Shooting is my passion!

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Richard, I am currently still serving in the UK Military (20 years of experience), I have been stalking for the last 2x years; during that time have had the opportunity to shoot Red, Fallow and Sika through a very good mentor...
  3. France

    I have heard that France have now dropped their ban on military calibers. Does anyone know if this is true?